Books, White Papers and Articles Published by our Analytics Team

TeraCrunch Solution Blade White Paper

Transforming Organizations with predictive analytics and artificial intelligence

White Paper

Find out more about our TeraCrunch Socratez™ platform technology with advanced text ingestion and analytics integrated with our Insightz predictive analytics modules.

TeraCrunch Unstructured Data Analytics Whitepaper

This paper discusses techniques,tools and software frameworks for information extraction and  synthesis  from  unstructured,natural  language  text.

Overview on the Topic Optimizing Information Mediators | TeraCrunch

Information mediators are a proven technology for achieving one-stop integrated access to information in distributed, heterogeneous information sources. This book describes the work in a doctoral dissertation on optimizing performance in information mediators. Performance, particularly query response time, is an issue in such systems as data has to be retrieved from remote information sources at real-time.

Brief View on the Topic Geospatial Semantics and the Semantic Web

The availability of geographic and geospatial information and services, especially on the open Web has become abundant in the last several years with the proliferation of online maps, geo-coding services, geospatial Web services and geospatially enabled applications. The need for geospatial reasoning has significantly increased in many everyday applications including personal digital assistants, Web search applications, local aware mobile services, specialized systems for emergency response, medical triaging, intelligence analysis and more. Geospatial Semantics and the Semantic Web: Foundations, Algorithms, and Applications, an edited volume contributed by world class leaders in this field, provides recent research in the theme of geospatial semantics.

Get Information about NASA and the Semantic Web by TeraCrunch

We provide an overview of several ongoing NASA endeavors based on concepts, systems, and technology from the Semantic Web arena. Indeed NASA has been one of the early adopters of Semantic Web Technology and we describe ongoing and completed R&D efforts for several applications ranging from collaborative systems to airspace information management to enterprise search to scientific information gathering and discovery systems at NASA.