Data Sheets

TeraCrunch solutions are recognized by top enterprises as a leader in Operational, Risk & Marketing Analytics

Healthcare Risk Analytics

Detect behavioral trends on cliams data, physician notes and classify behavioral habits. Used in understanding ICD 9/10 billing & coding habits and identifing if billing is below or above the accepted amount range. Used by Revenue Cycle Managment teams

Precise Marketing & User Experience Enhancement

We have pre-build a suite of science-based behavioral analytics solutions to help improve deicison making & planning for the key customer lifecycle stages, like acquisition, engagement and retention. We take client's data and tailor our pre-built solutions to their their specific needs and improve revenue, loyalty and brand equity.

Operational Optimization Analytics

Get a full view of how human resources, projects and processes are performing. Our solutions help manage operational risks pro-actively & make smarter decicions. It also helps improve organizations product & services offering. Our pre-built solutions & algorithms are tailored to client's data and business.