What We Do


We build and implement the best AI-powered applications for your organization within 10 weeks. From full-stack conversational virtual assistants to generative AI apps offering unprecendented insights and automation capabilities



Optimizing Revenue Cycles • Enhancing Patient Experiences • Streamlining Clinical Processes • Automating Manual Tasks • Advancing Population Health • Research & Innovations



Operations & Finance

LLM chatbots for HR • LLM for helpdesk automation • LLM for anything on your knowledgebase • Supply & Demand Forecasting • Process Automation • Proactive Risk Assessments


      Sales & Marketing


AI Chatbots for Customers & Employees  Anticipate Customer Behavior Shifts • Enhance Lead & Intent Scoring • Predict Customer Churn • Segmentation Based on Lifetime Value 



Why TeraCrunch


Let's face it, navigating the AI world of tailored solutions can be like walking through a maze. You've got IT firms moonlighting as AI gurus, in-house teams juggling too much, and bespoke shops charging an arm and a leg. That is where we come in. TeraCrunch is not another AI solutions provider. We're the most experienced friend you call when you need results without the runaround. 

Our blend of top-notch AI experts, mature methodology and rapid customization amps the quality and pace of your solutions. Cut the complexities, save on costs, and zoom towards a faster ROI.


AI Super Specialization

 10+ yrs, 150+ solutions rolled out, with our extensive and deep industry knowledge our customers benefit from a reduced learning curve, leading to more effective results 

AI Strategy Consulting

Perfect ally for starting your AI journey, providing tailored strategy & expert guidance for quick wins. Our practical approach guarantees rapid ROI & a successful launch

 5x faster, 3x cheaper

Fully tailored solutions deployed in 10 wks means quicker feedback & iteration, ensuring quick wins with small investments

Full Stack AI Solutions    

Integrated team of data scientists & software experts means one-stop-shop. Efficient project mgmt, innovation edge, cost efficiency, great product 

How It Works



Socratez™, our exclusive toolkit integrates advanced research, premier technology, and innovative methods. It equips our data scientists to swiftly deliver precise, tailored turn-key solutions.

1. Your Raw Data

We access your raw data of any size, format and variables

2. Data Preparation & Enrichment

Data is cleaned & enriched using our SocratezTM modules and methods

3. Solution Tailoring

SocratezTM modules are configured to fit the right models & simulate results

4. Implementation

On our premise or yours. Fully packaged analytics module is setup

5. Intelligent Decision Making Begins

Take pro-active fact based decisions and create a constant competitive edge

6. Ongoing Optimization

Our data scientists constantly monitor & tune analytics

Trusted By Hundreds Of Customers

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NKC Hospital
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They Love Us


“ Great product, great people. Thanks TeraCrunch for building analytics products and shining more light into Data driven analysis & decision making.

- Ben Legg
CEO, AdKnowledge
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“ TeraCrunch helps us create a deep understanding of consumer behavior within the context of relationships, a critical need for the success and evolution of Hallmark. Applying these data science insights and architectural thinking will inform and influence our products, consumer engagement and branded experiences ”

- Paul Barker
SVP of Digital Innovation & Business Development, Hallmark

“ TeraCrunch's customized Predictive Analytics solution helps us see the future and make proactive decisions. ”

- Matt Watson
Founder & CEO, Stackify