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Tapan Bhatt

Founder & CEO

Tapan is an industry leader with a remarkable track record as the visionary founder and CEO of an esteemed AI solutions provider - TeraCrunch. With an unwavering commitment to transforming businesses through the power of artificial intelligence, Tapan possesses a unique blend of leadership, technical expertise, and business acumen that is poised to revolutionize intelligent decision support.

Boasting over 19 years of experience in developing cutting-edge technology products and fueling growth in start-up ventures, Tapan's unrivaled insights have been instrumental in driving success for numerous venture capital-backed high-tech startups across both coasts.

Tapan's brainchild, TeraCrunch, emerges as the culmination of his relentless pursuit to empower enterprises like yours to make data-backed decisions that transcend traditional limitations. By delivering tailored AI analytics & automation solutions, TeraCrunch’s mission is to provide unparalleled level of accuracy and results that surpass all other alternatives available in the market.

As the Founder and CEO of TeraCrunch, Tapan assumes the pivotal role of steering the strategic direction of the company, spearheading its growth, and assembling the world's most exceptional data science organization. His unwavering commitment to excellence drives him to build a team of brilliant minds, capable of translating organization's unique challenges into transformative AI solutions.

Prior to establishing TeraCrunch, Tapan held key leadership positions in a series of technology startups that achieved remarkable success. As Head of Business Development at ROAM (acquired by Ingenico), Head of Solution Sales & Sales Engineering at AisleBuyer (acquired by Intuit), Executive Director at Motricity (IPO in 2010, NASDAQ: MOTR), and Executive Director at Amobee Media Systems (acquired by SingTel), he consistently drove innovation, delivering unprecedented results for his ventures.

Equipped with an MBA in Marketing from Avila University and a foundation in Electrical Engineering from K.K.Wagh College of Engineering, Tapan possesses the perfect blend of business acumen and technical expertise required to guide organizations through the complex landscape of AI implementation.

In addition to his groundbreaking work at TeraCrunch, Tapan holds a distinguished position as an esteemed Innovation Committee/Board Member of St. Luke's Health System, one of the largest and most renowned healthcare providers in the Midwest. This prestigious role reflects Tapan's unwavering dedication to driving innovation and harnessing the power of AI to shape the future of healthcare.

Furthermore, Tapan has demonstrated his commitment to promoting ethical AI practices and ensuring its positive impact on society. His previous board member position with Ethical AI speaks volumes about his passion for leveraging AI for good and upholding the highest ethical standards in its implementation. With Tapan at the helm, you can be confident that your organization's AI solutions will be crafted with integrity, responsibility, and a focus on making a meaningful and sustainable difference in your industry

Beyond his exceptional professional accomplishments, Tapan is an avid tennis player, embodying the values of hard work, self-denial, dedication, sacrifice, and team play. This passion for sports mirrors his commitment to teamwork and collaboration, traits that underpin the exceptional service and support TeraCrunch provides to its valued clients.