What We Do


We build AI & Machine Learning solutions to improve pro-active decision support, productivity and automation

1. We partner with you to identify & scope a high value use case that addresses your specific business needs 

2. Using our suite of pre-built tools our team of experts configures a tailored solution within 8 weeks

3. We can start small, prove the value and expand. 

Our cloud based solutions are monitored daily and performance is iteratively improvedWe work as an extension of your team to unlock the full potential of your data and achieve your business goals


Revenue Cycle Mgmt • Patient Experience Mgmt • Clinical Optimization • Robotic Process Automation (RPA) • Population Health • Innovation/Research • Automation of admin processes



Operations & Finance

Automation of text extraction from Images (pdf, fax)  or Videos • Predictive Maintenance • Predict supply & demand • Automate manual processes • Manage risks pro-actively



      Sales & Marketing

 Understand & predict changing customer behaviour. Lead scoring, intent scoring, customer churn prediction, LTV based segmentation, Call center optimization analytics



Why TeraCrunch


We are problem solvers. Our mission is to make you smarter and efficient with data-driven decision making. You don't have to worry about hiring experts, licensing various tools and all the complexities that come with in-house development. 

We have removed the complexities by designing an integrated system of people, process and technology. Our proven system powers 100+ solutions. We are nimble and agile with a massive advantage in responsiveness. 


Top notch PhD data scientists & engineers

Featuring top quality teams hailing from leading scientific institutions like Harvard, Yale, & NASA, you will partner with the brightest brain trust 

Turn-key solutions are built at a rapid pace

We pull data from multiple sources, integrate them, automate the pipeline, apply AI technology to build all types of actionable insights 

We are not another services firm

We are a proven system of proprietary AI tools, methodology & experts designed to solve your problems in a highly accelerated way 

Generate atleast 5-20x ROI 

With us  you remove all possible roadblocks with development as well as ongoing maintenance & upkeep. We deliver value, quickly 

How It Works


 SocraztezTM, our patent-pending modular suite of machine learning & software tools and methodology, is used to pull, merge and prepare various data sets for ML driven analytics and automation. We use it to build an automated data pipeline, perform feature engineering, model fitting & simulation, and consistently outperform all other options.

1. Your Raw Data

We access your raw data of any size, format and variables

2. Data Preparation & Enrichment

Data is cleaned & enriched using our SocratezTM modules and methods

3. Solution Tailoring

SocratezTM modules are configured to fit the right models & simulate results

4. Implementation

On our premise or yours. Fully packaged analytics module is setup

5. Intelligent Decision Making Begins

Take pro-active fact based decisions and create a constant competitive edge

6. Ongoing Optimization

Our data scientists constantly monitor & tune analytics


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NKC Hospital
LifePoint Health
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Customer Testimonials


“ Great product, great people. Thanks TeraCrunch for building analytics products and shining more light into Data driven analysis & decision making. ”

- Ben Legg
CEO, AdKnowledge
client name2

“ TeraCrunch helps us create a deep understanding of consumer behavior within the context of relationships, a critical need for the success and evolution of Hallmark. Applying these data science insights and architectural thinking will inform and influence our products, consumer engagement and branded experiences ”

- Paul Barker
SVP of Digital Innovation & Business Development, Hallmark

“ TeraCrunch's customized Predictive Analytics solution helps us see the future and make proactive decisions. ”

- Matt Watson
Founder & CEO, Stackify