Why TeraCrunch


We have built one of the best data science teams in the world and have invested years in developing tools, algorithms and a methodology to provide "turn-key" analytics. Our professional data science services team creates rapid prototypes, usually in 2-3 weeks and full scale solutions typically within 6-8 weeks

People: World Class PhD Data Scientists

Cummulative brain-power of a team of PhD data scientists & domain experts, customize our technology and follow our proven processes to solve client problems

Process: Result of 100+ deployed solutions

Methodically designed to mitigate risks at every stage of the analytics life-cycle; problem formulation, solution deployment, business integration, upgrades, consumption

Technology: Tools,  Models, Algorithms

SocratezTM is a patent pending suite of tools, machine learning algorithms & models, and deep learning, the lego blocks to accelerate time-to-value

Benefits: Business tranformation

6 weeks to a fully tailored solution. Business ROI goes up quarter over quarter as we monitor & tune results. No need to invest in costly data science resources & software

Business Problems We Solve


Our singular focus is delivering measurable results. Some examples - increased new customers by 25% & decreased churn by 19% - saved costs from supply & demand forecasting by $4M/mth - improved accounts receivable forecasting to 98%

Operations & Finance Domain Solutions

Manage risks pro-actively & make smarter decisions daily • Predictive Maintenance • Predict supply & demand • Forecast Sales, AR, Unit sales • Process improvment & optimization

Data Sheet Case Studies

      Sales & Marketing Domain Solutions

 A new unique way to understand & predict complex & changing human behaviors, habits, preferences & charateristics. And predict effects of location, context, ethnicity, population & timing.

DATA SHEETCase Studies

     Healthcare & Pharma Domain Solutions

Revenue optimization • Analyze ICD9 to ICD10 transition to identify Fraud & Revenue opportunities • Forecast supply & demand • Clinical Optimization • AI Drug Discovery • Population Health

DATA SHEET Case Studies

How It Works

 Our People, Processes & Technology, are applied to your data, to answer your business questions

1. Your Raw Data

We access your raw data, your problems & build an analytics strategy

2. Data Preparation & Enrichment

Data is cleaned, organized & enriched with our proprietary tools/techniques

3. Product Tailoring

Our algorithms & pre-designed analytics are customized 

4. Data Visualization

Analytics stories are delivered via an interactive dashboard or  restful API

5. Intelligent Decision Making Begins

Take pro-active fact based decisions and create a constant competitive edge

6. Ongoing Optimization

Our data scientists constantly monitor & tune analytics


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Customer Testimonials


“ Great product, great people. Thanks TeraCrunch for building analytics products and shining more light into Data driven analysis & decision making. ”

- Ben Legg
CEO, AdKnowledge
client name2

“ TeraCrunch helps us create a deep understanding of consumer behavior within the context of relationships, a critical need for the success and evolution of Hallmark. Applying these data science insights and architectural thinking will inform and influence our products, consumer engagement and branded experiences ”

- Paul Barker
SVP of Digital Innovation & Business Development, Hallmark

“ TeraCrunch's customized Predictive Analytics solution helps us see the future and make proactive decisions. ”

- Matt Watson
Founder & CEO, Stackify