Data Science & Artificial Intelligence Case Studies

Healthcare AI


Healthcare A.I. Denial Prediction and Management tool


Physician EMR


Analytics Improving Physician Experience with EMR System


Pharmacy Turnaround


Increasing Pharmacy Turnaround Times Dashboard Tool


Pop Health


Population Health A.I. Solution Identifying At-Risk Patients for Early Intervention

Dr. Listening to Patient


 A.I. Solution For Stage 4 Cancer Patients Intervention 




Healthcare Rehab Smart Scheduling Optimization Tool


Pharma RD


A.I. Solution to Identify Revenue Growth Potential of New Pharmaceuticals

Insurance claim


 Insurance Claim Cost Predictive Analytics Solution


Healthcare Marketing Analytics


Enhancing Business Development with Marketing Analytics Tool




Solution Predicting Physician’s Propensity, Loyalty and Retention for Various Drugs

Hospital Drug Supply


 Hospital Drug Supply and Demand Simulation and Forecasting Solution


Healthcare Staff


 Enhancing Staff Scheduling with an Advanced Analytics Tool




Operational Optimization Analytics Tool


Predictive Maintenance


Maximizing Profits Through Predictive Maintenance in a Top Manufacturing firm



Automating Financial Forecasting with Predictive Analytics Tool




Barriers of Entrepreneurship Research & Modeling


Network Segmentation


Network Segmentation to Target High-Risk Customers


Manufacturing Plant


Manufacturing Plant Root Cause Prediction Tool


Behavioral Analytics


Advanced Behavioral Analytics to Understand Customers and Prevent Churn

Acquisition and Retention


 User Acquisition and Retention Analytics Solution 


Home Care


Chatbots for Next-Generation Residential Care