Case Studies

Predicting Physician’s Propensity, Loyalty & Retention For Various Drugs

Advanced analytics to understand Physician’s prescription habits and predict future behavior

Hospital Drug Supply & Demand Simulation & Forecasting Solution

Predicting hospital drug supply and demand to minimize drug waste and maximize revenue using TeraDrug Solution™

Healthcare Billing Fraud & Revenue Optimization Analytics

Since many diseases can be alternatively classified under more than one ICD-9 or ICD-10 code, and since the migration to ICD-10 has opened new possibilities to establish billing standards, there is a need to mitigate operational and financial risks and reduce fraud.

User Acquisition & Retention Analytics

An enterprise in the consumer goods business desired a Recommendation & Insights Analytics Solution to understand consumer behavior, their motivations and improve acquisition, retention and on-line experience. TeraCrunch's Advanced Behavioral Analytics suite was tailored to help the client address these marketing challenges.

Operational Optimization Analytics

A legal firm wanted to understand its human resource and project performance at a granular level to improve operational efficiency and capacity planning. TeraCrunch's custom analytics provides a real-time interactive dashboard showing insights on current performance as well as predictive insights to take pro-active decisions.

Precise Video Marketing

A marketing agency places client's commercial on Youtube and other video sites. They needed to understand how to improve conversions by increasing views, clicks and other engagement metrics.