Dr Sam Grinter

Dr. Sam Grinter

Sr. Data Scientist

A graduate of the University of Missouri–Columbia with a PhD in Informatics and Bachelors of Science in Physics and Mathematics. His strengths include machine learning methods, mathematical modeling, optimization, and statistical analysis. He has experience in applying these methods in structure-based drug design, intelligent energy management, operations research, and targeted marketing optimization.

With a life-long passion for science, Sam publishes research in peer-reviewed journals in the field of bioinformatics, and has presented research at the Biophysical Society annual meeting and other national conferences. He received funding from the National Library of Medicine as part of a selective training program for researchers in biomedical informatics. After defending his thesis, he worked for the research and development team of an engineering firm where he helped develop technology presented at the 2016 National Conference on Microgrids. As a member of TeraCrunch, he provides clients with data science solutions in a variety of domains. This has included models of customer churn risk and targeted marketing segmentation, and a method of performing real-time bid optimization using reinforcement learning methods.