Dr. Naveen Ashish, Co-founder

Dr. Naveen Ashish

Co-founder & Data Science Consultant

Dr. Naveen Ashish's expertise and interests are in the areas of data integration and information extraction from unstructured data employing techniques from machine-learning, NLP, and semantics.

A large focus of his work has been in the medical and health-informatics domain. He has also worked as a Scientist at NASA Ames Research. He has published over 75 papers in top journals and conferences in the area on the above topics. He has authored a book on Geospatial Semantics: Foundation, Algorithms & Applications ( http://alturl.com/x6cgi ). His other books are in the space of Information Mediators and NASA & the Sementic Web ( http://alturl.com/4m6ho ). He has been a Principal or Co-Investigator on several R&D awards from institutions such as the NIH and NSF. Naveen received his Bachelors from IIT, Kanpur in India and a MS & PhD in Computer Science from the University of Southern California in 2000.