Dr. Kevin Payne, Co-founder

Dr. Kevin Payne

Data & Decision Science Advisor

Dr. Kevin Payne has been a research methodologist and data scientist for over twenty years — and a computer geek all his life. He believes that better data and better science can provide enterprise with a proven path to making and implementing successful decisions.

He has a broad background across statistical, computational and machine learning techniques. But as a sociologist and social psychologist, he is focused on the real human meaning that can be discovered in the data. In his previous career, as a professor, he led or collaborated on dozens of research projects, published or presented 40 research papers in international, national and regional venues, and grew the Park University Sociology Program over 2 1/2 times (to $5.5M in annual enrollment revenue).

Kevin did his undergraduate work at William Jewell College and Oxford, UK. His Master's and PhD (in Sociology, with a collateral field in Psychology and specializations in Social Psychology, Theory and Research Methodology) are from the University of Missouri-Columbia.